Sleep Cool with Gel Memory Foam on our New Eurotop Mattresses – available in medium or firm models.

Diamond Brighton Firm Eurotop

Infused with copper and designed to draw heat away from your body, this mattress has a luxurious feel and is among the most popular choices for commercial and retail clients alike!

Twin: $899
Full/Double: $1,099
Queen: $1,299
King: $1,699
California King: $1,699
Twin XL: $999

*Prices subject to change.

Features: CertiPUR Certified, Gel Memory Foam, Hybrid, Copper, Pocketed Coil, Sleeps Cool, Residential, Commercial, Firm

Mattress Firmness Rating: 4
(Mattress Rating Guide: 1 = extra firm, 10 = extra plush/soft)

Medium Eurotop Mattress

New Medium Eurotop Mattress

Diamond Brighton Medium Eurotop

Infused with copper and designed to draw heat away from your body, this mattress has a luxurious feel and is among the most popular choices for commercial and retail clients alike!

Twin: $899
Full/Double: $1,099
Queen: $1,299
King: $1,699
California King: $1,699
Twin XL: $999

*Prices subject to change.

Features: CertiPUR Certified, Gel Memory Foam, Hybrid, Copper, Pocketed Coil, Sleeps Cool, Residential, Commercial, Medium

Mattress Firmness Rating: 6
(Mattress Rating Guide: 1 = extra firm, 10 = extra plush/soft)


Contact us today to schedule a visit to test out mattresses.

Experience friendly, no-pressure (non commission) staff who are ready to help you bring home a new mattress today.

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Eurotop Natural Mattress

Are you ready for a great night’s sleep, naturally?

Ethos Natural Hybrid Eurotop Mattress

Introducing Diamond Ethos Hybrid Eurotop Mattress, your new natural eco friendly mattress!

It’s time to try a new mattress and this hand-crafted mattress featuring 100% organic cotton, latex & wool, is perfect for those who are looking for a more natural sleep experience. Combining the best of luxury with eco-friendly materials.

Mattress Firmness Rating: 5
(Mattress Rating Guide: 1 = extra firm, 10 = extra plush/soft)

Ethos Natural Hybrid Eurotop Mattress Ethos Natural Hybrid Eurotop Mattress

Twin: $1,199 | Full/Double: $1,499 | Queen: $1,899  King: $2,499 | Cal King: $2,499 | Twin XL: $1,399
*Prices subject to change.

Features: CertiPUR Certified, Natural, Latex, Organic, Hybrid, Wool, Pocketed Coil, Sleeps Cool, Residential, Commercial, Medium.

Firm Natural Mattress

Hybrid firm mattress

Mattress Firmness Rating: 3
(Mattress Rating Guide: 1 = extra firm, 10 = extra plush/soft)

Hybrid firm mattress Hybrid firm mattress

Twin: $999 | Full/Double: $1,299 | Queen: $1,499 | King: $1,899 | Cal King: $1,899 | Twin XL: $1,199
*Prices subject to change.

Features: CertiPUR Certified, Natural, Latex, Organic, Hybrid, Wool, Pocketed Coil, Sleeps Cool, Residential, Commercial, Firm.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to test out mattresses.

Experience friendly, no-pressure (non commission) staff who are ready to help you bring home a new mattress today.

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It’s an excellent time to plan your island bedroom makeover — take advantage of low prices at our Maui furniture stores in Kihei & Lahaina. When you’re shopping to makeover an entire bedroom or several bedrooms in your house, sticking to a budget may be important.

Adler bedroom set

You’ll discover lots of beautiful and stylish bedroom sets and pieces as well as office furniture and end tables to complement any room at Maui Bed Store.

Kids Bedroom Makeovers

Here are some excellent choices for Bedrooms Sets for children’s rooms.

Paragon Bedroom Set (white) | Paragon Bedroom Set (Black)

white bedroom set

Montana Bedroom Set

montana furniture

Montana Bedroom Set

Adler Bedroom Set

Adler Bedroom Set

Adler Bedroom Set

Contact us today to shop for new furniture.

Experience friendly, no-pressure (non commission) staff who are ready to help you bring home a new bedroom set today.

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If you’ve snorkeled in Hawaiʻi, you may have been lucky to catch a glimpse of a sleeping sea turtle nestled in a cave or nearly hidden among rocks and layers of sea cliffs. It’s thrilling and wonderful to see where these creatures choose to sleep.

Or perhaps you’ve been cruising Hoʻokipa Beach on Maui’s north shore and noticed a crew of blissfully napping grandma turtles (big ones).

Sea turtles will sleep in a safe space for roughly 4-6 hours at night or in the daytime.

A sleepy turtle with a happy tummy!

Being ectothermic, sea turtles regulate body temperature with the environment around them. To raise her body temperature a.k.a. thermoregulation, a turtle may bask on land, essentially “turtle nap time” which also offers additional benefits. While resting, she may escape ocean predators, and may improve immune system function and digestion. If the ocean temperatures are lower, sea turtles are seen basking more often for thermoregulation.

Maui Vacation Tip for visitors: Never disturb a Hawaiian sea turtle – mahalo

If you’re looking to make some changes where you sleep, give us call. We’ll help you create the safest, coziest spot to sleep in your own home!

Cruising Kahului’s furniture stores lately may disappoint you if you’re looking for a wide selection of in-stock furniture pieces to choose from. Since vacation rentals require a certain look and feel for your furniture upgrades, you’ll want a lot of options to choose from. Sometimes finding furniture options on Maui can be difficult.

When You Need A LOT of New Furniture For Your Vacation Rental…

ocean bedroom set

A while back some friends were looking for a few items for their Kihei vacation rental. They needed some accent furniture for the living room, new bedroom sets, and a new dining set for the unit. With all those purchases, they also hoped they might not have to spend “too much” so that they could also plan for some needed repairs in the unit.

They really wanted new furniture but thought their dreams weren’t a reality after they visited the Kahului furniture stores and couldn’t find the right combo or the right prices for their budget. Luckily they found out MBS is really a Maui furniture store – with tons of in-stock furniture!! Literally exactly what they needed, and they were able to take their time and find all the perfect complementary pieces for the whole vacation rental.

They were STOKED!

View our new furniture section to see some of what we offer and want to check out huge selection of platform beds & headboards.

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If you’re looking for the best furniture stores on Maui and you need something stylish in-stock right now, we’ve got lots of options. Don’t be fooled by our name, although we do specialize in providing the island with the lowest prices on mattresses, we’re also a hidden gem for new furniture!

We operate by appointment, which ensures you’ll have time to ask questions and find exactly what you need without wasting any time or money. Check out this review from a happy customer who needed a platform frame for a king mattress:


Despite receiving assistance, you will never be pressured to purchase. We love helping customers find the perfect new home furniture regardless of your budget, but we don’t work on commission, so we’re just here to serve you and help you. This is how we earn 5-star reviews on every site!

modus platform bed William Dresser  Acadia Sideboard

We look forward to seeing you soon. Contact us today to book an appointment to visit our Kihei or Lahaina furniture stores on Maui. You won’t be disappointed!

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Sometimes people are surprised when they discover HOW MUCH FURNITURE we actually have in-stock in our showrooms on Maui, Hawaii.

Let’s talk about convenience and location.

Our Kihei Hawaii furniture store is super conveniently located in north Kihei in the Aloha Plaza between Shell station and Olukai Rd. Our Lahaina Hawaii furniture store is near the Adventure Park when you come down the bypass road, also incredibly convenient for Lahaina residents as well as vacation owners in the Kapalua to Ka’anapali regions.

Let’s talk about price.

You get the absolute lowest prices on island at Maui Bed Store because of our unique business model. We see guests by appointment, which helps ensure each customer gets personal attention to choose their new mattress. This is important because a mattress is such a significant product that affects your life every day. You really want to take the time to share your needs and concerns with us so we can identify the perfect match for you. We’re like bed matchmakers, it’s honestly really helpful to be able to talk to our experts before purchasing a new bed. Our customers reflect this in the feedback they give us, so we know it’s appreciated. We’d love to help you out, too!

Let’s talk about how it feels to shop at Maui Bed Store’s Hawaii Furniture Stores

When you visit our showrooms, you will always receive “no pressure to buy” attitudes at Maui Bed Store because our team is not paid on commission. The love helping customers find the perfect bed and accessories regardless of budget. Just check our reviews to see if this is true! 

We look forward to seeing you soon. Contact us today to book your appointment to visit our Kihei or Lahaina furniture stores.

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Q: How much time do you spend sleeping?
A: 229,961 hours or approximately 1/3 of your life

Most adults sleep an average of 7-9 hours per night — and most adults will sleep longer than that, if they can get it! Sleep is so critical to one’s mood and wellbeing during the day, have you noticed? It’s actually surprising how many people neglect investing in a quality mattress, considering how many hours we spend asleep and using our mattresses.

modus platform bed

At Maui Bed Store, we are deeply committed to quality sleep.

There are many factors that may influence whether you’re consistently getting quality sleep or not. Of course, there are some factors that feel beyond one’s control, such as stress, schedules, work, etc. However, most adults do have some control over where they sleep and their choice of bedding. So if that’s you, we invite you to check out our online inventory of mattresses and then contact us to test our beds and find the perfect fit for you.

In addition to providing our customers with the lowest prices on island, we also provide exceptional customer support, ensuring our customers get the products they need, quickly and easily.

Bed Store Appointments

Once you arrive at your appointment at our Lahaina or Kihei location, our staff will help you find the ideal mattress for your sleep position, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Romantic Partners & Picking Your New Bed

If you share a bed, it’s important to bring your partner as well so you can both test the beds and make a decision together about the best mattress for both of your needs. When you check out our incredible selection together during your appointment, think about your typical nighttime routines, how you wind down, what benefits and features you’re seeking, and if you’re interested in some of the amazing new technology upgrades we offer.

Technology in the Bedroom

adjustable beds for couples

Adjustable bed bases with tons of new features are probably my favorite recommendation currently. This is one item you think you don’t need… until you test it out and realize you don’t ever want to live without it again!! It’s a real game changer for reading, watching movies, and the new snore detection feature is truly amazing! Check out all the features by clicking the button below.


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Not everyone has the luxury to travel during spring break, as many parents still have work obligations and other commitments. For that reason, many families stay home and plan activities that are fun to do together during this time off from school.

Here are some fun things to do on Maui during spring break:

  • Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Hiking
  • Explore Upcountry (Visit the Lavender Farm, Surfing Goat Dairy, Haleakala, Makawao Forest, etc)
  • Visit Maui Ocean Center
  • Drive to Kipahulu National Park and hike the Pipiwai Trail
  • Take art classes or stroll the grounds at Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center on Baldwin Avenue (between Paia and Makawao)

Springtime is also an inspiring time to make changes in our lives, perhaps why so many people find it’s a good time to clean the house, aka “spring cleaning.” While assessing your spring cleaning chores, it’s a great time to identify any furniture in your home that needs repair or replacing.

spring break savings

Shopping online for the lowest prices on new furniture on Maui? Well, we’re calling it “Spring Break for your wallet” right now at Maui Bed Store. Why? Because we consistently offer the lowest prices on new furniture in Maui, as well as affordable mattresses, bedroom sets and accessories for your bedroom including linens, pillows, protectors & toppers, bed frames, and platform beds.

Thanks for reading. Call us if you need help with anything!

best sleep methods

Are you too hot at night in your bed when you’re sleeping (or trying to sleep)? You’re not alone. Many people suffer from feeling too hot at night for various reasons. Pinpointing the main cause/s of your overheating at night can help you alleviate this problem.

Since we live in Hawaiʻi, the air temperature inside your home can naturally be warm, hot, or humid depending on where you live, and the elevation of your home, as well as its proximity to the ocean, the climate of your neighborhood, etc. Obviously, having air conditioning is an easy way to quickly cool off your bedroom! But not everyone has A/C, so what are some other options…

Fix Your Bedroom so You Can Sleep Cool at Night

  1. Rearrange your bedroom furniture for optimum airflow from the available windows and door.
  2. Add blackout curtains to keep the room cooler during sunlight hours when it may be heating up and then retaining that heat into the evening when you’re ready to sleep.
  3. Keep the ceiling fan running more often, especially during the day when the room may be heating up. Add more fans to help circulate the air out of your room. Pay attention to trade winds and breezes that might offer natural airflow opportunities in your bedroom earlier in the day and later in the evening to help cool off the room.
  4. Invest in a cooling mattress — We carry over 40 models of cooling mattresses! Here are some of our favorites in stock for a variety of budgets:
    1. $599 for a King Size ~ Lady Americana 8″ Makena Hybrid Plush
    2. $999 for a King Size ~ Lady Americana Camelot Firm Hybrid
    3. $1299 for a King Size ~Sealy Pacific Firm Gel Memory Foam Bed in a Box
    4. $1499 for a King Size ~Sound Sleep Serene Sleep Hybrid 3000
  5. Swap your sheets for a set of cooling linens such as our Bamboo Rayon Sheets or these Botanical Tencel Lyocell Sheets
  6. Get a new pillow with cooling qualities. Check out these cooling pillows for Side Sleepers: Shoulder Zoned Gel Dough Pillow, for Back/Side Sleepers: Gel Dough Pillow, and for All Sleep Styles: Zoned Gel Talalay Latex Pillow, Z Gel Convolution Pillow
  7. Add a cooling mattress topper. Here are some we carry: Liquid Gel Mattress Topper, Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, IceTech™ Mattress Protector
Call us with questions! We will help you find the right products for your home.

When February rolls around, you may be pondering gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a longterm relationship, you’ve probably already exhausted the most popular gift ideas in past years. If you’re single or living with a partner, it’s a wonderful time to consider upgrading your bedroom furniture and mattress. If your mattress is over 10 years old (or you have no idea how old it is), it’s definitely a good time! Check out some of our favorites below – in stock & ready to deliver!

Sealy Deaton II Eurotop Mattress

Sealy Deaton II Euro-Top

This affordable hybrid EuroTop mattress combines multiple layers of materials for advanced benefits. The Sealy Deaton II Euro-Top uses a classic innerspring system with a layer of gel memory foam that provides pressure relief for the body above a secure foundation.

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
$799 Queen | $899 King & California King
View All Prices

Sealy Salinger Hybrid Medium mattress

Sealy Salinger Hybrid Medium

Upgrade and sleep cool on this luxurious Sealy Salinger Hybrid Medium mattress featuring gel memory foam that gives your body a consistent “hug” feeling while you rest on it and provides ample support throughout the night.

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
$1,399 Queen | $1,699 King & California King
View All Prices

Sealy Garnier II Medium mattress

Sealy Garnier II Medium

Cooling gel memory foam eliminates motion transfer so your movement from your partner or pet doesn’t wake you up at night!

Medium (above) or Firm (below) models available.
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
$1,099 Queen | $1,399 King & California King
View All Prices – MEDIUM

Sealy Garnier II Firm mattress

Sealy Garnier II Firm

Mattress Firmness Rating: 2
(Mattress Rating Guide: 1 = extra firm, 10 = extra plush/soft)
$1,099 Queen | $1,399 King & California King
View All Prices – FIRM

Maui Bed & Furniture Store


With our great selection of in-stock affordable elegant and modern home furnishings, the Maui Bed Store would love to help you reach a brand new state of relaxation and comfort at home. We have furniture stores in Lahaina and Kihei and our delivery service extends to the entire island of Maui.

Call us today to schedule a time to visit our showroom!
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Ensuring both comfort and value, all new mattresses sold at Maui Bed Store come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which can range from 5-15 years, depending on the mattress.

In addition to providing you with the security of a warranty with your mattress, you will enjoy a no-pressure environment at Maui Bed Store. As locally-owned mattress experts, we really care about our customers and we want you to take home the right bed for your needs. We are also the official provider of mattresses to most of the lodging establishments in the Hawaiian islands, so we are very knowledgeable when it comes to helping you pick a mattress. We also love helping couples figure out what new mattress or bedroom furniture to buy! Give us a call and we’ll pick a time for you both to come in and test the beds and check out our selection of in-stock furniture.

Enjoy a Hotel-Grade Mattress Every Night! (Without the Hotel Price)

Have you slept really well while staying in one of Maui’s hotels? It’s easier to get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night that most adults need when your mattress is insanely comfortable! When you shop at the Maui Bed Store, you can enjoy the comfort and quality at home of mattresses and beds found in Hawaii’s best hotels. Many of our mattress models are used in top hotels and resorts in Hawaii, as well as Airbnbs, where recommendations are crucial. Having a great bed in your rental is important, which is why we supply so many commercial beds in Hawaii.

We believe that every night’s rest can be a 5-star experience with one of our mattresses!


Enjoy Delivery After Purchase

Maui Bed store delivers mattresses on Maui with purchase. Typically we can deliver your new bed on the same day or the next day. During busy weeks, it can take up to 2 days. Please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


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The Total Bedroom Makeover Guide: Upgrade Your Bedroom From Top to Bottom


We’ll start at the top of your room with your lighting. What type of light fixture is installed? Is the light dimmable? Are your lightbulbs soft or bright? Do you like the color of the lighting or would you like a change? Follow your instinct and consider these tips:

When thoughtfully planned in layers, lighting can truly transform a room. Here are the types of light you may be utilizing in your bedroom:

  • Task lighting assists you directly with specific focused tasks that you may perform in your bedroom like reading, writing, etc.
  • Use Accent lights to showcase special items in your room.
  • Your general light or ambient light should light up your entire room, as sunlight would.

For more lighting tips, check out this blog.

Next question: do you have a ceiling fan? If you don’t have a fan, that’s an upgrade that we recommend when living in the Hawaiian islands. Adding a ceiling fan to your bedroom on Maui can improve tranquility at night by cooling the room and adding increased air circulation. Bedroom fans might help you sleep better at night.


We’ve written about the benefits of blackout curtains before, and we’ll mention it again — they’re great for supporting sleep day or night. Blackout curtains come in a variety of colors and materials now so there’s no excuse for using thin or sheer curtains that let in light while you’re sleeping. Some folks use a two-layer curtain so they can enjoy sheers during the day that provide nice soft filtered light, and still benefit from the blackout curtains at night or as needed for daytime naps.

Zoned Gel Talalay Latex Pillows

Pillows & Linens

You may prefer wrinkle-resistant bed sheets or hypoallergenic sheets, though we also love the ever-softening quality of Supima premium cotton! And when it comes to pillows, we personally love the innovative new items out there such as aromatherapy bed accessories including pillows and mattress toppers, the incredible new CBD pillows, pillows for sensitive skin, etc. If you need a complete sheet set with comforter, click here. We’ve also got a lovely bamboo rayon duvet available.


Your bed is one of the most important items in the room. It needs to fit the space and also be large enough for you to sleep comfortably. If you’re on a budget, click here to view our most affordable Queen mattress sets. We also carry mattresses in all sizes from luxurious to budget models, so whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it!

montana bedroom set


We’re biased but we love bedroom sets! When you commit to a bedroom set, you’re really making a statement. Not only does your bedroom look incredible with all the matching pieces, but it truly feels better. According to Feng Shui, matching furniture can be especially harmonizing. The theory also suggests using a solid headboard. The headboard is thought to connect the two partners who share the bed, and it can provide stability between feminine and masculine sides.


Finally, consider adding an accent rug or a few rugs to bring color to your space and complement your furniture and decor.

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Although we don’t recognize daylight savings time in Hawaii, many of our friends and family on the mainland are experiencing its effects this week after switching the clocks back one hour on Sunday. Lucky us, we have one less hour between our time and the west coast – only 2 hours until the spring.

sleeping tips for partners

For many, getting that extra hour may translate directly into getting more sleep. Conversely, when the clock moves ahead in the spring, some people immediately get less sleep due to the shift. Gaining that hour (whether sleeping or awake) may inspire you to feel more refreshed in the daytime. Others may find difficulty with the new wake-up times in the fall and spring.

Researchers  share that people are at greater risk of mood disturbances and traffic accidents during the bi-annual time-changing periods. Anytime of the year, committing to a lifestyle that includes rest and relaxation and getting good sleep will help you navigate life’s challenges.

Do you feel the effects of daylight savings where you live? Comment below or on our Instagram page.

Buying new furniture on Maui can be challenging, but you’ve found the right place for stylish new bedroom furniture with great prices!

Proudly Offering Low Furniture Prices on Maui

We are locally-owned mattress experts and we are the official provider of mattresses to most of the lodging establishments in the Hawaiian islands. In addition, Maui Bed Store is proud to specialize in bringing affordable furniture to you.We’re constantly adding new items at the Maui Bed Store to deliver personalized comfort that you will love. We carry bedroom furniture sets in many styles to offer you affordable and stylish upgrades for your bedroom. Fall in love with your bedroom again with new furniture from Maui Bed Store!

Check out some of our sets below – and view more on our website.

William Bedroom Set

paragon white bedroom set

Herringbone Bedroom set

maui kids relaxing

When summer has ended and your children head back to school, it’s a great time to assess their bedrooms. Look for opportunities to improve sleep and their comfort within each child’s bedroom, such as checking that curtains fully block the light and allow for comfortable sleep environment. You also want to check your child’s mattress annually to ensure that the mattress is in good condition, offering proper support, with no mold/mildew, and no other health hazards or unnecessary things are affecting your child’s ability to sleep through the night.

Maui Bed Store carries affordable Twin mattresses and Twin XL mattresses with matching pillows, sheet sets, and bed protectors.

If you’re new to Maui, welcome! You may want to check out our bedroom furniture sets to setup comfortable and inspiring bedrooms for your children. We also have additional furniture available by catalog.

paragon white bedroom set

Living on Maui can become quite expensive for families, which is a big motivator for Maui Bed Store in providing Maui families with very low prices for mattresses and home furnishings. We love helping our ‘ohana furnish their homes and bedrooms with stylish and long-lasting furniture. No matter what color scheme your living room, dining room or bedroom is, you’re likely to find something you love at a great price at Maui Bed Store.

Visit our FAQ page for more details on how we are able to offers such low wholesale prices regardless of quantity purchased for most items.

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Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination or two or more sleep styles? Identifying your common sleep style can help you choose a new mattress that will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Best type of mattress based on how you sleep

Side sleepers

Side sleepers may want to avoid firm mattresses and instead purchase a softer mattress, such as soft-to-medium firmness levels. Side-sleeping can put more pressure on your hip joints and shoulder, so choosing a mattress that conforms to your shape, like gel memory foam, may be better for you.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers spread their body weight fairly evenly across their mattress, so they’re not really putting much pressure on any single body part. So for most back sleepers, we recommend a firm or medium-firm mattress to give your spine the support it needs when sleeping. You can choose from memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, or hybrid mattresses.

Front sleepers / stomach sleepers

We suggest avoiding mattresses that are super soft for front and stomach sleepers. Sleeping on your stomach way can place a lot of pressure on your pelvis, so you need plenty of support to prevent your hips from sinking in and making your spine uncomfortable.

We typically recommend memory foam mattresses for stomach sleepers because due to its ability to conform to your shape, which helps take some pressure off your chest. Front sleepers also often sleep with the head turned to one side. This makes it especially important to pick a pillow to prevent neck pain.

Combination sleepers

If you’re someone who changes positions while sleeping, such as shifting from your side to your back, it does make it a bit tricker to pick a mattress, because you have more things to consider. Generally we recommend medium and firm mattresses to combo sleepers, though some prefer a hybrid or memory foam. Think about your your weight and comfort preferences, as well.

cooling mattress protector

Tips to Maintain Your Mattress:

  • Keep your mattress clean by using a mattress protector.
  • Keep your mattress dry — protect it from all fluids including water. We sell waterproof mattress covers.
  • It’s recommended to flip or rotate your mattress every 3 months for optimum usage.
  • Check and re-tighten the bed’s legs every 3 months, if loose.

Adjustable bases might save your relationship!! LOL! Seriously though, this technology has really come a long way. Imagine it: The same bed, different sleep styles. With controls on both sides, you and your partner can adjust your positions individually. Sleep upright, sleep flat, sleep together—however you want.

adjustable beds for couples

Maui Bed Store’s inventory of adjustable bases pairs perfectly with a variety of our affordable mattresses, including: individually pocketed, hybrid, memory foam or latex mattresses.

Not to mention there are some incredible upgrades available to make bedtime ultra-dreamy!

Did we mention Dual-Zone Massage?? And you can automate and customize your base with its award-winning app. People are raving about the automatic Snore Detection, hands-free voice commands, and the partner control available.

Get started shopping online today for an adjustable bed base on Maui and call us with any questions.

Maui Bed Store is Hawaii’s Hotel and Resort Mattress Supplier — Open to the Public!

Enjoy a Hotel-Grade Mattress Every Night! (Without the Hotel Price)
Many of our mattress models are used in top hotels and resorts in Hawaii. We believe that every night’s rest can be a 5-star experience with one of our mattresses!

Locally Owned & Operated
Maui Bed Store is proud to specialize in bringing affordable furniture to the residents and businesses of Maui and the surrounding Hawaiian islands.

More Affordable Furniture!
To best serve our customers seeking affordable furniture for homes and offices on Maui, we have expanded our line of furniture products to include couches, chairs, tables, futons, sectionals, and other designer furniture at discount prices.

sofa mattress

We exclusively carry top quality furniture brands sold at very low prices, giving great value and satisfaction to our customers. If you are ready to refurnish a living room, bedroom, dining room or home office, you’ll find excellent selection online at Maui Bed Store. Our elegant and modern furniture styles will make the perfect complement to your home or office.

We have furniture stores in Lahaina and Kihei and our delivery service extends to the entire island of Maui.

We are available by appointment only, so give us a call to schedule a time to come see our Lahaina or Kihei showrooms. With our great selection of affordable home furnishings, the Maui Bed Store would love to help you reach a brand new state of relaxation and comfort at home.

Simply, the absolute lowest prices on the island!
“Rest assured…you are never sacrificing quality for the price at the Maui Bed Store!”

Why shop with us?

  • Quality / Top Brands
  • Authorized Dealer
  • Large Selection in store – try as many beds as you like before deciding
  • Choose from all types of mattress materials
  • All made in the USA
  • Certified foam mattresses by

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about how we operate our stores to maximize saving money for our customers.

When saving money is truly important to you or your family, you must shop carefully for new furniture and housing items from reputable local businesses who are invested in customer services and high-quality products. Otherwise, you may end up with something unexpected that you can’t get a solution for from the company where you purchased it.

At Maui Bed Store, we carry innovative products with warranties and reliable quality for island homes and vacation rentals. We know how important these big purchasing decisions are, such as office furniture, a new bed set and mattress, dining room sets, chairs, and accent furniture, etc.

Spindle Platform Bed

Spindle Bedroom Set – click to view more photos!

We are pleased to provide some of the lowest prices on Maui for new furniture for your home and properties. We are a factory-direct business, we eliminate the middle man to ensure we can give our customers the lowest prices. So many places on Maui mark up their prices incredibly and yet customers are not aware that the price does not match the value.

At Maui Bed Store, our customers find the furniture they want without pressure to buy. Learn more about us by clicking here.

When your business reputation relies heavily on customer reviews, like AirBnB vacation rentals on Maui, you probably already realize that so many details within your vacation rental can affect a positive or negative review. Especially the mattresses in your unit!! How people sleep during a vacation can have a huge impact on creating a positive review for your vacation rental. So choosing a long lasting high quality commercial mattress with a warranty is important. At our two locations, we are dedicated to helping you find the right mattresses for your condos and rentals.

With over ten years of experience assisting Maui condo and vacation rental owners with upgrading and improving their beds and mattresses in their vacation rentals, we are your local bed experts. We are factory-direct so you will always save money shopping with us!

Here are some of our top choices for commercial mattresses used in Maui vacation rentals:

After selecting a mattress, you may be interested in upgrading to specialty pillows or a new mattress topper to add extra protection or support. We carry some of the latest innovative new products that people are raving about, including CBD infused sleep accessories and other aromatherapy infusions to promote restful sleep.

Check out Pillows and Mattress toppers to view options and we’re adding more styles weekly!

According to the psychology of interior design, changes to furniture, fabrics, colors, and layout can improve one’s mood and create positive feelings.

Platform designer bed

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that moving your furniture around can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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2021 World Sleep Day is March 19, 2021. What is it? World Sleep Day began in 2008, organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society, formerly World Association of Sleep Medicine.

World Sleep Day 2021

According to, World Sleep Day® is designed to raise awareness of sleep as a human privilege that is often compromised by the habits of modern life.

World Sleep Day helps sleep professionals to advocate and educate others about the importance of sleep for achieving an optimal quality of life, which supports improving global health. Here at Maui Bed Store, we align with that intention, as we also strive to educate and inform our community about the benefits of getting good sleep.

The slogan for the 14th annual World Sleep Day is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future

Regular sleep offers real benefits — it’s proven.

Studies have demonstrated that stable bedtimes and rise times are associated with better sleep quality in young, middle-aged adults, and seniors. Regular sleepers have better mood, academic achievement and psychomotor performance.

Learn more about the science of how we sleep from

How can we have a regular sleep? We need to remember the two processes that regulate both the timing and length of sleep: Circadian regulation (process C) and homeostatic control (process S) also known as the two-process model of sleep. Although many other factors affect sleep, such as environment, stress, and medications; understanding these two processes will help us strive towards a consistent sleep schedule.  Process C refers to our internal clock, regulated by a part of our brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus. This clock regulates and controls the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle via the influence of light and melatonin. In the absence of light (as during the evening hours), melatonin is produced promoting sleep but in the presence of light, the production of melatonin ceases, signaling our brain that is daytime and we need to wake up. Our behavior can override these natural signals. For instance, bright lights at night shut down the production of melatonin, delaying sleep until late hours of the night.

Process S promotes sleep based on the previous amount of time that we spent awake. During wakefulness our brain accumulates substances that promote sleep, when we sleep these substances are cleared up and we feel alert again. This process is particular important when we take naps in the afternoon, because we deplete the sleep promoting substances and we are not able to fall asleep at a reasonable time in the evening. The best sleep is when we synchronize our sleep/wake times to our internal clock and our sleep propensity finding the perfect equilibrium between process C and process S.

It is important to remember that sleep is involved with many physiologic systems such as memory consolidation, control of inflammation, hormone regulation, cardiovascular regulation and many other important functions, therefore insufficient sleep duration and poor sleep quality will be associated with several significant adverse health outcomes. Reduced sleep duration has been shown to cause impairments in cognitive and executive function, while poor sleep has been associated with poor mental health.

To help improve overall sleep and wellness, World Sleep Society has created tips for healthier sleep in adults:

Healthier Sleep in Adults

  1. Establish a regular bedtime and waking time.
  2. If you are in the habit of taking siestas, do not exceed 45 minutes of daytime sleep.
  3. Avoid excessive alcohol ingestion 4 hours before bedtime, and do not smoke.
  4. Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. This includes coffee, tea and many sodas, as well as chocolate.
  5. Avoid heavy, spicy, or sugary foods 4 hours before bedtime. A light snack before bed is acceptable.
  6. Exercise regularly, but not right before bed.
  7. Use comfortable, inviting bedding.
  8. Find a comfortable sleep temperature setting and keep the room well ventilated.
  9. Block out all distracting noise and eliminate as much light as possible.
  10. Reserve your bed for sleep and sex and avoid using your bed for work or general recreation.


In these unprecedented times, we are all adapting on a daily basis to our world and how it has changed. Everyone seems to be feeling more stress; no one seems immune to new challenges faced by living in this pandemic, regardless of personal circumstances. Full time Maui residents and visitors to our island are all seeing a new way of island living as the pandemic has changed how we interact and move around.

Now more than ever, many are embracing methods to boost immunity, increase vitality and improve their wellbeing. In fact, it is a wonderful time to focus on self care and improving one’s lifestyle. If you have already committed to a daily practice of self care, what have you discovered works well in your routine? Self care is different for everyone, but important for all.

Lately I’m hearing many people complain about how they sleep. They don’t sleep through the night, they don’t feel they get deep sleep, they wake up in pain or wake up frequently for other reasons. Hearing people are not getting good sleep will naturally make one think about how they sleep – where they sleep – what type of bed they sleep on – materials, position, comfort, etc. There are many physical factors that can affect quality sleep, in addition to stress and external factors.

Here are some tips for managing stress by ensuring you’re getting proper sleep at night:

  1. Analyze your sleeping positions and determine the best pillow for you, based on the sleeping position you hold the longest and most often. Your second most common sleeping position may also be considered if you sleep about 50/50 in either position.
  2. Check your mattress for signs of old age, wear and tear, etc that may be affecting its performance and ability to properly support your body while you sleep. If you can’t remember when you bought it, or it’s been over a decade, it’s probably time to check our mattress selection for something better!
  3. Consider curtains and incoming light sources – do you have any/many? Upgrade to blackout curtains to help ensure you’re sleeping enough hours. Blackout curtains can be a lifesaver for people working nights who must sleep during the day.
  4. Communicate to your family and household what your needs are. Obviously there are limits to how much you can control or affect how others interrupt your sleep! Yet communication and creating dedicated time for rest for yourself, as well as your family, can be rewarding. As you settle into a pattern that aids your best moods and focus because you’re getting consistently good sleep, everyone in your life benefits!
  5. Avoid eating for an hour or two before bed. Avoid caffeine late in the day as well, which is proven to disrupt sleep.
  6. Some people believe in the benefits of arranging your bedroom furniture in a certain way, following Feng Shui, a practice of arranging pieces in living spaces to create balance.

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Have a great night of sleep!

We’re on the cusp of a new year, which often brings a time of reflection for people. During this time as you reflect on your recent successes and upcoming challenges, you might consider a new routine in your daily life.

Are there areas of your current routine that have become stale? Perhaps you had a commitment to yourself that has waned over the past 12 months and you’re ready to start again? The energy of the new year is an inspiring time to make changes in your life.

We often hear from people that they often sleep poorly and are unsure of the cause. Stresses, eating and lifestyle habits, relationships, home life logistics, and even an old neglected bed set can affect your sleep quality. And your sleep affects your mood! How much have you thought about your sleep lately? The new year is a perfect time to commit to better sleep.

It can be difficult to make significant changes in your life in order to get great sleep, so instead people start with small achievable changes, such as getting a new bed set. When people finally realize that their bed may be afflicting their sleep rather than supporting a good night’s rest, they have that “aha” moment and typically start searching online learning about current bed models available.

Whether you need a new bed for yourself or together with a partner, of for your children or the guest room, you can save time and money by starting your search at the Maui Bed Store website. Our inventory includes a wide range of comfort levels in all sizes, and we offer very affordable new mattresses, as well as top-tier 5-star luxury mattress sets if that’s what you’re looking for. If you have questions, call us today to talk to a mattress expert on island. We love helping people find the perfect mattress for their needs.

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The holidays can be quite stressful for families, and for anyone who is participating in the hustle and bustle of preparing for the holidays. So what are some ways to avoid burnout during the holidays? Here are some tips:

  1. Slow Down. Take time to focus on your task with intention. Rushing through your activities, shopping, and chores does not benefit you. Take a moment to breathe deeply and count to 10 slowly. This helps bring you back to the present moment so you can attack your task with clarity and complete it feeling good.
  2. Ask for Help.  Often we forget that we have a support system! Friends, family, children, coworkers, your spouse and others in your life may be able to help lessen your load, if you let them. Speak up and see who can help you this year, and perhaps you can find someone you can help in exchange.
  3. Get Good Sleep. Getting good sleep during the holidays may seem challenging, but it’s certainly rewarding. Tip 1: Try using blackout curtains so you can sneek in a nap during the daytime hours. Tip 2: If you’re consistently not sleeping well, call Maui Bed Store and get an appointment to check out new mattress models. It may the missing element from your snooze fest!
  4. Express Gratitude. Some people are surprised to discover that focusing on gratitude with a daily practice can reduce stress in their lives! Try writing a list at the end of the day describing 10 things you feel grateful for. Repeat the next day, but add 5 more to the list, so it’s 15. Each day, try adding more items to your list until your day includes 100 grateful things. Continue this practice if you find it helps you relax – during the holidays and all year round!
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Unsurprisingly, we’ve heard that a lack of sleep can reduce your ability to stay focused and alert throughout the day. But the effects of insufficient rest are not limited to your mental abilities. It can also affect your appearance. I am always in search of ways to keep a youthful glow, so I sat down with Terri Marino, Maui’s skin care expert and Rodan+Fields Independent consultant, to get the lowdown on how I could make the most of my beauty sleep.

“Beauty rest isn’t just a saying. Each night our skin cells repair themselves. A good night of sleep helps us look bright and refreshed, while a restless night results in dark circles under our eyes and a dull, gray complexion.” As a new mother with inconsistent sleep patterns, I have experienced this first hand.

I asked Terri what she recommended for waking up on the dazzling side of the bed. She told me, “A comfortable bed and pillow is important to a good night of sleep. If you are a side or belly sleeper, you can purchase a special pillow that will help you sleep on your back in order to avoid “sleep crush,” facial lines that are often mistaken for wrinkles. When we sleep on our side or face, the weight of our body along with gravity can cause diagonal lines across the forehead from the lower eyelid to the bottom of the nose and through the lip and chin.”

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Enjoy your beauty sleep!

5 proven methods for improving how you sleep

So you’re scouring the internet looking for ways to help improve your sleep? Yeah, me too. At some time or another, just about everyone will experience a difficult night’s sleep. Some people experience longterm bouts of sleeplessness, or insomnia, and other challenges making “ideal sleep” seem like a fantasy.

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So what are some proven methods for improving how you sleep?

  1. Exercise during the day. Vigorous exercise is recommended, even if brief — and any exercise at all is better than none! As always, follow any directives recommended by your healthcare practitioner for your personal exercise routine.
  2. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  3. Avoid using electronics for a few hours before bedtime.
  4. Commit to a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual that includes your preferred relaxation techniques. Some ideas: mindfulness, meditation, stretching / Yoga, deep breathing, singing, playing music, reading for pleasure, etc. Investigate and add any other aids to assist your sleeping such as: sleepy time tea (check health food stores and grocery stores), receiving massage, nutritional supplements such as Melatonin, aromatherapy such as lavender, using a noise machine or playing light music while you sleep, etc.
  5. Avoid caffeine and large meals for at least a few hours (or more) before bedtime. Especially caffeine! Everybody is different, and some people are much more (or less) affected by caffeine. Experiment and see what is right for you.
  6. BONUS TIP! Relax consistently and commit to a low-stress life as much as possible. (I know, sort of hard, but this is just advice!) Stress reduces your body’s ability to fight off antigens, which reduces your immunity and makes you more susceptible to infections.

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More about Stress and Sleep

Stress and anxiety can trigger insomnia and other sleep problems, and circularly, getting insufficient sleep increases your stress and anxiety! Exploring methods to support getting a good night’s sleep consistently is truly important for each of us. Good sleep genuinely supports many layers of your health and wellbeing during the day and night.

Sweet dreams, from Maui Bed Store

healthy sleep habits

Have you heard the saying, “You spend a third of your life in bed“? Considering how much time we do sleep, it’s pretty much true! For a healthy lifestyle, everyone needs adequate sleep, and consistently. Establishing a quality nighttime routine to support sleeping well, and a comfortable Maui mattress can help ensure you get the sleep you need.

  • Start winding down around the same time every night, and wake up around the same time every morning. This will help regulate your internal clock, allowing you to sleep better at regular times.
  • Put away electronic devices and turn off the television. The blue lights in the screens trigger your brain to stay awake. An hour before bedtime, unplug yourself from the electronic world.
  • It helps to have something that you do on a regular basis to help wind down, like read a chapter in a book before closing your eyes and drifting off.
  • If you still have a hard time calming down, you can use supplements like melatonin, or essential oils like lavender and chamomile.

With a good night time routine, and a supportive mattress Maui, you can get enough sleep to power through each new day. In combination with good sleep and a healthy diet and exercise routine, you’ll always have energy for the Maui adventures each day brings.

Maui Bed Store has the friendly, knowledgeable staff that can help find the right mattress for you. Without working on commission, they are dedicated and focused on finding the right mattress for your comfort level and budget instead of pressuring you to buy.

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Lavender is known for its soothing properties. Often used in massage and aromatherapy, lavender is a favorite scent used for relaxation. Maui Bed Store’s lavender infused pillow is an excellent choice for top quality sleep! Not only does the lavender-infused foam help you relax and wind down for a good night’s sleep, it also provides unparalleled comfort and support. This pillow includes a lavender spray as well — 2 mL natural lavender oil spritzer included with King and Queen size pillows!

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The foam is zoned, which means it was constructed in a way to cradle your head and support your neck. The foam will contour to your individual shape too! Get individualized support and maximize relaxation from the Lavender Infused pillow!

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With your spine being such an imperative part of optimal health, it’s important to take good care of it. Good posture is not as common these days, with everyone hunched over looking at cell phones and computer screens. Good posture is important to your spinal health because it allows our nerves to carry all the necessary messages to and from our brain. This ensures that we are operating at optimum conditions, and living in good health.

spinal health and sleep

Most people are becoming aware of their “daytime posture” but what about the position of your posture while sleeping? Have you thought about it? When you sleep, it is ideal to sleep in a position that keeps your spine in a neutral position.

When shopping for a new mattress set, consider your individual needs and sleeping style. If a firm mattress keeps your spine in a neutral position to achieve the best sleep benefits, you’ll want to come in to test out firmer mattresses. But if you need a firm support with a softer top comfort layer, look at some medium firm/plush options.

If you’re not sure, that’s not problem! We are here to help!
The expert team at Maui Bed Store can find the right mattress for you, simply by asking a few questions. If you know what you like and don’t like about your existing mattress, we can find the best new mattress to fit your preferences and your budget. There is something for everyone at Maui Bed Store.

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