CBD Oil Pillows

Zoned Dough CBD Oil Pillow

Zoned comfort + CBD oil and sage aromatherapy pillow


  • Pure CBD infusion can promote deeper and more restorative sleep
  • Includes 4 mL spritzer of pure, organically grown CBD oil to be sprayed on the pillowcase
  • Dough™ memory foam provides premium support and is exceptionally soft
  • 100% cotton cover allows airflow and access to CBD oil and soothing Clary Sage scent
  • Zoned Technology™ features zones of larger and smaller holes to offer the right amount of support for your head and neck, plus increase ventilation

Embrace total comfort and natural remedies with CBD-infused pillows plus a soothing sage scent in the contouring comfort of our Zoned Dough™ pillow. CBD stands for cannabidiol. CBD may help you sleep better by helping you manage restlessness, pain, and stress (which can harm your sleep). Try using a CBD pillow to resolve those root causes and see if it improves your sleep.

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