Sealy Mattress Information

With a new Sealy mattress, you can expect to get support where you need it and quality comfort – plus  benefit from 130+ years of sleep expertise.



Finding the right mattress is a matter of personal taste. That’s why Sealy offers a wide range of choices — all designed to provide a consistent level of support throughout the mattress. Here are the basic differences in Sealy mattresses by top style:

Stiff surface support with just a hint of softness for comfort.

Cushion Firm
Substantial surface support with quilted softness for comfort.

Soft, cushioning surface with deep support.

Ultra Plush
Enveloping softness with deep support.

Sealy Mattress Sizes

Measurements in Inches

sealy mattress sizes

Sleep sets come with a standard boxspring which has a height of 9 inches. A low-profile boxspring is also available which has a height of 5 inches. Ask us for details.
* Split queen style – two 30″ x 80″ box springs


Gel Orthozone® II

This proprietary layer of gel foam is designed to help promote a cool sleeping environment. Also with the bodyzone design, the Gel Orthozone® II provides added comfort and conformance. (*select models)

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Exterior fabric and quilting

Since this is the part of the mattress that will be closest to your body, it’s imperative that it feels soft and comfortable. The fabric on the exterior of every Sealy mattress is carefully chosen for both feel and resilience. These two qualities are the reason your mattress will stay comfortable for years to come.

memory foamMemory Foam

A top layer of memory foam has the ability to conform to your unique body shape and weight. This comforting, body-hugging quality creates the sense that you are sleeping “in” your mattress and not just “on” it, making you feel like your mattress was made just for you.


Innersprings Coil Support

The patented coils inside Sealy traditional innerspring mattresses create best-in-class back support. More coils supporting your whole body means you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.


Made to Last

mattress durability

Our innersprings, like our sleep sets, are made to last. Our twice-tempered PostureTech™ coils retain 98% of their height and performance, resulting in a more durable mattress with longer lasting comfort. Sealy is the only manufacturer that features twice-tempered coils. The Advant-Edge® System is inserted between the outer two rows of innersprings.  This is the Sealy edge system, offering stability not seen in most entry-level mattress edge systems. The Advant-Edge® PLUS System takes the stability of the Avant-Edge® and adds this premium edge system around the perimeter of the mattress so you can sleep more comfortably all the way to the edge.


Sealy provides comfortable and supportive mattresses at a fair price. That’s the value of Sealy.

History of Sealy

history of sealy

Sealy’s journey began in 1881 in the town of Sealy, Texas, when Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, filled a request for a cotton-filled mattress. And then another. And then another. His business grew rapidly, leading to more innovations and several patents, including a machine to compress cotton. Haynes sold his patents to a Texas Company that retained the Sealy handle and by 1920, Sealy had 23 licensed plants.

Sealy’s innovations didn’t stop. More milestones came, including the first Sealy Posturepedic mattress and being the first mattress company to display and advertise a king-sized bed. Sealy created an Orthopedic Advisory Board, and reinvented the innerspring coil, and the box spring. Patenting a variety of groundbreaking technologies, the list continues to grow.

In 1983, Sealy purchased the Stearns & Foster Company, whose mattresses redefined luxury and showed craftsmanship and intricate detail, making it a perfect addition to the Sealy family.

Today the company owns and operates 25 plants in the U.S. For three decades, Sealy has been number one in market share and unwavering in its vision to help the world sleep better. Through design, manufacturing and leadership, Sealy is poised to continue its legacy for years to come.