We carry a large selection of adjustable bases to fit your needs and budget. Pair them up with Individually Pocketed, Hybrid, Memory Foam or Latex mattresses to suit your preferences.

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Featuring the latest innovations in adjustable bed bases, such as these features:

  • Head and Foot Incline
  • Smooth and Quiet Motor
  • Remote Control
  • Easy Shipping
  • 5-Minute Setup

Plus More Upgrades:

  • Dual-Zone Massage
  • Popular Preset Positions
  • Customizable Positions
  • Backlit Wireless Remote
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Zero Clearance Design
  • Sophisticated Upholstery
  • Use with its AWARD WINNING APP featuring Snore Detection, Partner Control, Siri Voice Commands, Dark Mode, for iOS or Android, and Apple Watch Compatible.

Malouf N50 Adjustable Base Malouf N150 Adjustable Bed Base Malouf S755 Adjustable Bed Base adjustable bed base app  Malouf E255 Adjustable Bed Base  Malouf S655 Remote Adjustable Bed Base